Xiaomi Air 12.5

Today I am going to write a Xiaomi Air 12.5 review and I hope that you will enjoy it. This laptop is quite great and has a lot of interesting features that you may find to be quite useful. You should take these features into consideration and you will probably see that you will make a great decision by buying this one.

xiaomi air 12.5

This Xiaomi Air 12.5 works with Microsoft Windows 10 Chinese Version. You will see that you will have the possibility to enjoy all of the features that it will offer to you.
The chip integrated withi9n this one is the Intel Core i5. Regarding the other Xiaomi Air 12.5 specs, you are probably interested about the screen. This one has a 12.5 inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. This laptop is the best choice for multitasking and also for office work. It will offer you 8GB of RAM and also 256GB of SSD storage capacity. The main camera is great for face-to-face chat with friends and it will enable you to capture some memorable moments. This laptop will also integrate a Wi-Fi feature and the Bluetooth 4.1 is another feature that it is great for you.

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Another thing regarding this laptop is that it will have a HDMI output to be used. If you want more information about Xiaomi Air 12.5 price, you have to know that you will have to pay only $875.82 for this laptop. It will have a lot of features that you will like and you will certainly use it every time you would want. This laptop also includes the 3.5mm Headphone Jack and you will also be able to take advantage of the Standard HDMI Slot. The battery is a 7.4V / 5000mAh Li-ion polymer one and has a long life span.