Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Clone

Latest version of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge clone is by far the best S7 clone available on the market at the moment and i’m preety sure that is the one in S7 series. Best feature that the smartphone has, is that he can support any 4G LTE network worldwide, and has a battery life of 3 days. Another strong point is that latest Galaxy S7 Edge clone looks the same as original without bold glass like the previous replicas. This one has thin glass and looks amazing.


Here is few pictures with latest Galaxy S7 Edge clone

another picture with galaxy s7 edge clone gold color

featuring always on display of samsung galaxy s7 edge clone galaxy s7 edge clone black version galaxy s7 edge clone menu samsung gaalaxy s7 edge clone white color that shows default apps testing selfie feature of s7 edge clone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge clone Gold

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge clone 4G LTE Specs

Galaxy S7 edge clone 4G LTE comes in 3 colors, Black, Gold and White, and also in 2 versions, one with 1GB of RAM memory and another with 2GB RAM of memory. Both smartphones has the same look, the same display, same battery power and same camera. Only difference is the RAM memory which makes the latest clone to run the Android 6 Marshmallow super fast. 4G LTE clone is very nice optimized and run the pure Android 6.0 with Touch Wiz theme the same as original one.


Now let’s talk a little about dimensions. Compared to previous version of S7 edge clone, this one has 5.3 inch display and not 5.5. I didn’t understand the reasons why chinese factories didn’t build one with 5.5 inch display. Personally i like the clone as much as possible because looks amazing in hands and there is no big difference in size between original and this one. You will notice the difference only if you compare them side by side. Latest clone has a MTK 6735 64 bit quad core processor and is enough to run smoothly the OS without any lag. Front camera has 8 MP, the other one has 13 MP, both of them with real MP. Internal storage is 8GB real memory but shows 128GB but also support TF card.

This was the short review of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge clone. For more info feel free to send a message here. I reply few times a day to make sure that you will not wait to much for your answers. If you can’ wait feel free to send us an email by visiting Contact page, or add me on Skype at: wallstreet3333. Cheers!