Jumper EZbook i7

If you are looking for a business laptop than this Jumper EZbook i7 is the right choice for you. I will offer some great information regarding this one in this Jumper EZbook i7 review. Hope you will find it useful. First of all, you need to know that this laptop comes with a 14.1-inch FHD display.

Jumper EZbook i7 specs, review and price

This will mean that all of your videos and all of your photos will come to life. The HDMI output is great for viewing all of your movies you would like on a different screen, TV or other projectors.
This one has a Microsoft Windows 10 Home OS integrated within it. This OS will bring back the most popular Start Menu from Windows 7 and you will certainly like that. The chip that this laptop has is an Intel Core i7. This will mean that the laptop will have a high-efficiency. You also need to know that the 1920 x 1080 resolution will be great for viewing your content. The 4GB RAM is a nice way to multitask. You can expand the RAM up to 8GB.
This will make the laptop perfect for a gamer. Other Jumper EZbook i7 specs that you need to know about are the 128GB SSD Storage. This is perfect for pictures, music and even videos. If you are interested in the Jumper EZbook i7 price, you need to know that this one will offer all of the features for only $563.25. You will certainly enjoy this one and you will see that it will be the perfect laptop for you. You can easily play games on it and even do some office work. This one will be a great choice and you will certainly like it a lot. You will see that it will be a good device.