Jumper EZbook 3 Plus

If you are looking for an affordable laptop, then this new Jumper EZbook 3 Plus can turn out to be a great solution for you. You will see that this laptop is exactly what you need and you will certainly like it a lot. In this Jumper EZbook 3 Plus review, I am going to talk about the main specs that this one has. First of all, you need to know that this laptop has a 14.0-inch display.

Jumper EZbook 3 Plus price, review and specs

You will be able to bring all of your videos and all of your photos to life with this laptop. The Jumper EZbook 3 Plus specs also include the HDMI output. This one is quite good for experiencing any movie on TV, other monitors or even on projectors. You will be able to easily create your very own home theatre. This laptop works based on Microsoft Windows 10 OS. It features an Intel Core chip and it also has 8GB of RAM. This is perfect, especially for gamers. You can also easily use this laptop in order to view movies or to take advantage of some video editing apps. The 128GB SSD Storage Capacity is the perfect way to store videos, music and pictures.
You won`t have problems with space. The front camera is a 2MP one and this means that you will be able to chat with all of your friends with ease. If you are interested in the Jumper EZbook 3 Plus price, you should know that it isn`t that expensive. You will only need to pay $419.99. By paying this amount, you will see that you will be able to experience all of the features without the need of having to fear that this product isn`t the right choice for you. Hope you will like this one very much.