Jumper Ezbook 2 Se

You need to know that this new Jumper Ezbook 2 Se can easily become a great choice. You will see that it will have a lot of interesting features that will find useful. In this Jumper Ezbook 2 Se review I am going to talk with you about the main features that you need to know regarding this device.

Jumper Ezbook 2 Se review, specs and price

First of all, the main feature that you have to take into consideration is that this one works on Windows 10 Home 64bit OS. You will be able to enjoy the Edge Web feature which will let you mark up the pages on your home screen. You will also see that this laptop is working based on the Intel Cherry Trail chip.
This chip will provide a maximum high-efficiency power. You will also have the chance to use the Turbo Boost feature that this one will offer you. The 2GB RAM is perfect for multitasking. You can add more RAM`s, up to 4GB. This will impact your overall gaming experience. It will be quite easy for your day to day multitask and all of the operations will work smoothly. The 64GB storage capacity will be a great way for you to store all of the pictures, videos and other files you would like. You should also know that this Jumper Ezbook 2 Se specs also include the built-in 10000mAh Battery.
This one will give you the opportunity to use this laptop for a long period of time. The front camera will help you to catch life`s moments. If you are interested by Jumper Ezbook 2 Se price, you have to know that it isn`t that high. You will only need to pay $169.93. This price is perfect especially if you are on a budget. You will certainly like this laptop.