Elephone P8 3D

Elephone P8 3D – Glasses-free 3D Phablet gives you a new vision

Elephone P8 3D Phablet smartphone

This smartphone needs a special review. For a very long time, i wanted to review a device, so now i’m glad to have the opportunity. Elephone P8 is the first glasses-free 3D smartphone that came out as a real device and just just a prototype. P8 3D uses the colorful and exquisite 5.5 inch naked-eye FHD display. It will bring you a new visual experience like never before. Is not needed to wear glasses so you can enjoy the awesome 3D effect and feel the tridimensional and real image on the screen.

A new improved camera with new 3D technology.

P8 3D is comes with an eyes-tracking camera that can track human eyes and follow the sight. It will automatically adjust to the best visual angle by bringing us the most comfortable eye condition when looking to the screen, thanks to the 3D technology. This new 3D camera will shot the real and tridimensional world. The leading Super 3D photography techonology usin the optics and vision algorithms will shot the real and tridimensional scenes. Using P8 3D you can record your life to feel the wornderfull memories again when looking at the pictures. Everything is so real.


Enjoy your own 3D theater with glasses-free 3D screen

You can watch tridimensional videos. With lots of video resources you can enjoy the 3D visual feast at home as same as in the IMAX theater.

New portrait algorithm makes you more beautiful

With latest algorithms and new functions you will be inspired when taking selfies with the upgraded 16MP front camera. The skin tone will be more balanced and smoother to showthe natural beauty of you. In the meanwhile it adds the bokeh function into the front camera which makes you more outstanding.

Capture beautiful moments with dual camera

P8 3D uses the customized dual camera unique color RGB sensor plus black and white MONO sensor with autofocus mode. The focusing speed has increased a lot. RGB sensor feels the colors while MONO sensor captures the light and details.

4GB RAM and 64B ROM

4GB RAM makes multitasking with no lags. 64GB ROM is big enough to store photos, mushc and 3D videos at the same time.

Octa-core 64 bit processor

The powerfull octa-core Corex A53 processor is the best choice for big 3D games. The well allocation of CPU and GPU programming can reduce unnecessary operations of kernel chips, then reduce power consumption to avoid overheating.


Awesome combination of metal and glass

After repeated adjustement of the radian of the 2.5D glass, the transition between the metal and the glass became incredibly smooth making the body very comfortable to hold a 5.5 inch screen.

Huge battery for few days

P8 3D uses the high density battery so that we can use every part of the spae in the mobile phone system. 4050 mAh battery, low power consumption and high performance of CPUY, plus the perfect optimized system makes the phone stand on for few days.

Unidoby metal back cover

P8 3D has a metal back cover and a unibody appearance. It is slim and light. With elegant back curved line which is perfectly fits the palm, you can feel the smooth and comfortable texture.