Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Clone at just $93.10

As you can see, is the only and first website that released Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge clone. It is ready for sale because our engineers put a lot of effort and work on this to be done that fast. As you know from last few years, this version will look the same as the original one, will have the same weight and size except some internal components that are not as powerful as the original Galaxy S8 Edge.

Our Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge clone has a lot of nice features as:

  • 4G LTE
  • Real Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • 4 ways gesture controls
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Edge control
  • S-health
  • Always on screen

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Our Galaxy S8 Edge clone own a 5.5 curved high definition screen, and MTK6580 Quad Core processor, Dual sim standby, 2GB of RAM memory, 8GB storage memory, 12.6 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixels front camera. The GPU on this smartphone is Mali-T720.

Another features that this phone has are 4G Lte, GPS, Gyroscope, Full Google Services, Miracast, Fingerprint, Heart Rate monitor, Gesture entries, 4 ways gesture control and Always on display.

Here is few real pictures with our Galaxy S8 Edge clone that is available for orders.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge clone unboxing

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge clone gray color

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge clone menu screenshot

Galaxy S8 Edge clone curved screen

settings menu

settings menu

s8 clone android 6.0

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge clone menu
Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge clone menu
Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge features
Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge features


s8 edge clone languages




In my opinion this smartphone worth every cent. I’ve tested for about 2 weeks and browsing pages on internet or playing games is an easy task for this Galaxy S8 Edge clone. Everything works great without any bugs or lag. Another thing to mention is that battery can give you about 2 days of power if you just talk 2 hours a day, browse some pages, email and few Youtube videos. That was the short review of Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge clone. For more devices feel free to check my website. Don’t forget to give a share and a comment if you like the product :). For more info use Contact page. Cheers!

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